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Material selection of UAV [Sani Drive]

With the gradual popularization of 5g applications, "big toy" UAV, whether as a "toy" or as an "aerial tool", is unconsciously entering the life of ordinary consumers. In this process, UAV continues to develop to lightweight.

There are many kinds of UAV fuselage materials, including composite materials and carbon fiber materials;

China UAV shell manufacturers

At present, carbon fiber reinforced PC and PA materials are commonly used in China

At present, composites have become the main structural materials in the field of UAV, such as carbon fiber composites, glass fiber composites, honeycomb sandwich composites and so on. Generally, in addition to the aluminum alloy used in the keel, beam, partition frame, landing gear and other structural parts of the fuselage, composite materials are widely used in the wing, tail, radome, guard plate, skin and other structural parts of the UAV. In addition, wood materials, light plastic, plastic film and other non-metallic materials are also widely used in small and medium-sized UAVs. The application of composite materials has played an important role in lightweight, miniaturization and high performance of UAV structure.


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