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How to assemble shaft and gear correctly

Reducer in the assembly process has to pass is a gear shaft and how to bake with assembly, in the real life usually 4 kinds of heating methods, the first is to use coal burning heating, the second is to use oxygen combustion heating, the 3rd kind is heated with electric heater, 4 kinds of cooking oil is heated, reducer manufacturers call you here how accurate heating method, the above the first and the second is not correct, because the first and the second kind of heating method is a local heating, heat bilges cold shrink, iron bilge uneven, night at the average, so gear easy to deformation, the gear was cause reducer in different sound,The most important is the shaft and gear, tooth and tooth contact surface can not reach more than 70% of the requirements, and the gear hole is easy to crack.The correct method is the third and fourth methods, and the third and fourth methods are all integral heating, heating and shrinking at the same time. The deformation of the gear hole is very small, very small, and the phenomenon of gear hole cracking is very rare.There is a fifth method, but rarely used in China, the effect of freezing is also very good, also belongs to the overall contraction, the overall reducer shaft into the freezer freezer, the frozen shaft will be frozen naturally contraction, and then the frozen reducer shaft is inserted into the reducer gear hole.


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