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How to reduce the noise of DC Gear motor?

With the increasing use of electronic products in daily life, there is also the problem of noise pollution in belt drive products. Once the noise is too large, it will affect people's quality of life;

Micro DC Gear Motor

According to the different ways of motor noise, motor noise can be roughly divided into three categories:

① electromagnetic noise; ② mechanical noise; ③ aerodynamic noise.

The main noise comes from the mechanical noise itself,

The noise of a Micro DC Gear Motor is usually 45dB, and the main structure is composed of drive motor (DC motor / brushless motor / stepper motor) and reduction gear (gear box). The DC motor has the advantages of low noise, which solves the problem of excessive noise when the existing DC motor is used. In order to reduce the noise of DC motor drive, the following technical scheme is adopted: a low noise DC motor, including the DC motor itself, the DC motor itself includes the back cover, oil bearing, brush, rotor, stator and the second oil bearing, the left side of the oil bearing is sheathed with the inner side of the back cover, the left side of the brush runs through the inner side of the back cover, and the two ends of the left side of the brush are separated It is assembled with the top and bottom of the right side of the back cover, reduction gear box, etc.; the noise generated by the DC motor is reduced when it is used, which avoids the excessive friction noise of the ordinary bearing. Through the setting of the brush, the friction between the brush and the commutator is reduced, so as to reduce the noise of the DC motor when it is used.

1. Conflict between carbon brush and commutator of DC motor: in this aspect, it is a very important process to finish turning DC motor, but the detailed technical parameters need to be explored.

2. Usually, the main body of the carbon brush is not lubricated, and the running in treatment is not good, and then the commutator plate is greatly worn due to long-term operation. When the load runs for a long time, it will be overheated and noisy. Solution: polish the main body to make it lubricated enough, replace the commutator, and add lubricating oil regularly to slow down the wear.

3. Bearing sound of DC motor: usually the bearing of DC motor can be removed by replacing it, and the convenient surface of the bearing seems to be intact, but many factors can cause damage to the bearing: when pressing the bearing, the force bearing point is not right, the cooperation between the shaft and the bearing is too tight, the bearing is installed in the bearing chamber, and the bearing bearing bears too much force, or the radial force of the bearing is not equal due to the balance of the rotor.

The way to solve the noise of brushless motor is to soak the motor coil with insulating paint, dry it at high temperature, and fully lubricate the rotor bearing;

The noise of stepper motor is inevitable, but its use conditions and control methods can be controlled to reduce the noise. Motor noise mainly comes from two aspects: inherent noise and resonance.


1. Change to step motor with smaller step angle, such as three-phase or five phase step motor;

2. Adjust the load or drive current to avoid the noise caused by motor out of step due to too large load (too small load).

3. The motor current changes as close to the cosine curve as possible to reduce the torque fluctuation. However, too many subdivisions result in insufficient pulse duration and noise.


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