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Application of Miniature Gearbox in Household Meat Grinder

As people pay more and more attention to health, more and more families begin to use meat grinder products, which makes meat grinder become the new favorite of kitchen appliances;

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Most of the domestic meat grinder is electric mode, using household 220 V power supply. The reason why the domestic meat grinder is popular is that it can not only be used to crush meat, but also can be used to crush peanut, onion, garlic, spices and other food. In this way, the domestic meat grinder becomes a food processor, so it is also called a food processor.

micro gearbox

The micro motor and gearbox combined with blade are used as the transmission mechanism to increase the food mixing resistance and cutting friction between different weights and categories, so as to achieve the ideal effect.

Zhongshan Sani transmission is committed to the production of micro transmission system for smart home, household electronics and kitchen electronics. It has the practical application and development experience in the research and development and production of gear, gearbox and micro reduction motor system.



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