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Precision injection molding parts classification and mold composition

Precision injection molded parts can be divided into two categories: thermoplastic plastics (such as polyethylene) can be repeatedly melted and re molded; thermosetting plastics (such as urea formaldehyde), once cured, can not be re melted, so it is very suitable for heat applications. The plastic materials of consumer electronic products must have technical and aesthetic properties. For example, they may need to be radio frequency resistant and flame retardant, while also providing soft touch characteristics and scratch resistance. Consumers expect the latest electronic devices to be robust enough to withstand falls and humidity. Plastics are becoming more and more popular because of their light weight, durability and low cost, and will continue to replace metals and even glass in the manufacturing of consumer electronic products.

Plastics commonly used in electronic manufacturing include ABS, polycarbonate, polyamide and all thermoplastics. They have different qualities in abrasion and impact resistance, toughness, electrical insulation and resistance to sunlight, temperature and corrosion. Some manufacturers produce antibacterial plastics for medical electronics applications to provide protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Biodegradable plastics are also on the market.

Production of plastic parts must be precise mold; generally speaking, injection molding mold includes 7 parts

Generally speaking, it includes seven parts

1. Gating system

2. Forming parts are cavity

3. Exhaust structure

4. Push out structure

5. Side core pulling structure

6. Clamping and guiding structure

7. Heating and cooling system

The company produces injection molded parts for every gadget, UAV, car, medical technology, consumer electronics case, computer, printer or camera. Most of these projects can be manufactured by injection molding machine or other molding process.

Our design and manufacturing process includes part modeling and mold design, prototyping, tool procurement, production planning, sample validation, process control, decoration, secondary processing and packaging; we provide you with customized production solutions for injection parts


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