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The application of gearbox in the intelligent toilet lid

As a smart home product, the emergence of intelligent toilet in the bathroom market has attracted the attention of many consumers. Even a country's aunt went to Japan to buy a toilet cover, because it changed the use and structure of the traditional toilet in the automation design, and even went beyond its own product use significance to a certain extent. The added value is reflected in health care, cleaning and other aspects. But with the popularity of intelligent toilet, most consumers consider the self-cleaning function of motor and intelligent toilet application.

intelligent toilet lid <a href=http://www.cn07b.com/en/gearbox.html target='_blank'>gearbox</a>

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The gear drive system of Sani drive intelligent toilet flip is driven by speed motor + gear drive. In this scheme design, the distance information between the user's equipment and the toilet is used to judge whether the user uses the toilet. If it is, the toilet cover will be opened automatically. If not, the opened toilet cover will be closed automatically through the program control of the sensor and control system.



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