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Base Station Antenna Gear Drive System Application

With the rapid development of wireless network, 5g has become the mainstream wireless application network. Recently, we often see the changes of our life brought by artificial intelligence, big data and high-speed network from life experience, network or TV;

5g, as a key new infrastructure to support the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of economy and society, has great potential in stabilizing investment, promoting consumption, helping to upgrade and cultivating new momentum of economic development.

Base station antenna gear

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5g application is inseparable from the base station, and the base station needs to use the communication antenna; the base station antenna electric drive system has the characteristics of temperature resistance, moisture resistance, stability and so on. It can intelligently store the antenna identity information, sense the antenna engineering parameters (antenna azimuth, mechanical dip angle, altitude, longitude and latitude, etc.), store the historical adjustment records of network optimization, etc. by using the gear linkage transmission technology, it can remotely adjust the horizontal and vertical dip angles, help operators quickly carry out remote network optimization adjustment and background data intelligent management, and greatly improve the efficiency The efficiency and quality of network optimization. Sani drive system can be used in 4G / 5G base station antenna electric gear system to solve the problem of excessive manual adjustment to electric adjustment, and can adapt to the local environment and climate, it is difficult to work normally for a long time, and the product service life is short.



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