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Selection and Difference of Micro Gear Motor | Sani Transmission

With the popularity of consumer electronics and personal health care products, automation products are more and more accepted and recognized by the people. But how to choose a high cost-effective transmission parts in the production process of product suppliers.

Electronics manufacturers may be confused when talking about micro gear motors because there are so many kinds of gear motors. When it comes to pinion motors, we need to have some basic ideas. Micro gear motor is a combination of micro gear box (reducer) and motor. With this gear reduction system, gear motors can be used for low speed and high torque applications. According to the motor used, gear motor can be divided into micro brushless DC motor, micro brush DC motor, micro stepping gear motor and servo gear motor, etc. How to distinguish these micro gear motors becomes a big problem. This paper will compare the similar gear motor, and give a detailed description.

Small brushless gear motor

These types will be divided into two types: Micro brushless DC gear motor vs micro brushless DC gear motor, micro stepping gear motor vs micro servo gear motor.

Micro DC reduction motor

Micro brushless DC gear motor and micro brushless DC gear motor

The main difference between micro brushless DC gear motor and micro brushless DC gear motor is: one is brushless DC motor, the other is brushless DC motor. On the definition and working principle of brushless motor and brushless motor: what's the difference. This article will focus on significant differences.

1. Scope of application

Brushless DC gear motor: it is usually used for equipment with high control requirements and relatively high speed, such as aircraft model, precision instruments, etc., which have high requirements for motor speed and high speed control.

Micro DC motor brush: usually used in electrical equipment, such as hair dryer, household range hood, etc. In addition, the speed of Brushless DC motor can be very high. However, due to the wear of carbon brush, the service life of brush motor is not as long as that of brushless motor.

2. Service life

Micro brushless DC motor: service life is about tens of thousands of hours, but due to the use of different bearings, may be different.

Micro DC motor brush: the continuous service life of general brush motor is about 1000 hours. When the service limit is reached, the carbon brush needs to be replaced, otherwise it is easy to cause bearing wear.

3. Application effect

Micro brushless DC motor: generally using digital frequency conversion control technology, strong control ability. The speed can change from a few laps per minute to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute.

Small DC motor brush: the old carbon brush motor usually works at a constant speed after starting, so it is not easy to adjust speed. Brush DC motor can also reach 20000 rpm, but its service life is relatively short.

4. Energy saving

Comparatively speaking, brushless motor controlled by inverter technology can save more energy than brushless DC motor.

5. Maintenance

Carbon brushes need to be replaced after long-term use. If it is not replaced in time, the brush motor will be damaged. The service life of brushless motor is relatively long, usually more than 10 times of that of brush motor. Brushless DC motor does not need routine maintenance. If the motor is broken, it needs to be replaced.

Micro stepping gear motor and small servo gear motor

1 control method

The control methods of stepping gear motor and servo gear motor are different. For a kind of micro metal gear stepping motor, its rotation angle is determined by the number of pulses. Each pulse corresponds to a step angle. However, because there is no feedback signal, the rotation position of the motor is not accurate and the position accuracy is not high enough.

The servo gear motor also controls the rotation angle by the number of pulses. What distinguishes them is the feedback signal. Each time the servo motor rotates at a certain angle, it will send the corresponding number of pulses. At the same time, the drive system receives the feedback signal, and compares with the pulse received by the servo motor, so as to analyze the difference in the number of pulses. The rotation control of the motor is very accurate, achieving accurate positioning, reaching 0.001mm.

2 .overload capacity

Stepping motor generally does not have overload capacity, while AC servo motor has strong overload capacity. Taking the servo system as an example, it has the ability of speed overload and torque overload. The maximum torque is three times of the rated torque, which can be used to overcome the inertia load at the moment of starting.

3. Response time

The response speed is different. It takes 200-400ms for the micro metal gear stepping motor to accelerate from the static state to the working speed (generally hundreds of revolutions per minute). The acceleration performance of AC servo system is better. For example, it can be used to accelerate the motor from the standstill / stop position to the rated speed for several minutes.

Compared with the general pinion motor, it is not difficult for you to choose the gear motor suitable for your specific application. Sani transmission provides different specifications such as brush DC motor, brushless gear motor, servo gear motor and stepping gear motor. The diameter, voltage, speed, reduction ratio and other parameters can be customized.


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